Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Niki D'Andrea adds Twitterjacking to her arsenal of cluelessness

If anyone else had done this, I might have ignored it. But this is Niki D'Andrea, and I'm a big fan of running jokes.

When last we saw the "reporter" from the Phoenix New Times, she was quoting hilarious excerpts from a satirical blog post as fact and basing an entire cover story on the false premise that NBA Commissioner David Stern was thinking of imposing a "tattoo cap." That's right, she actually believed that each team could be limited as to how many tattoos their players could have. The story made it all the way through the New Times "editing" process and was published as the cover story during All Star Weekend when tons of NBA players and fans were in town. OOPS!!

Somehow she wasn't fired, and I later got tired of caring about the so-called journalistic standards of a shoddy old-media publication.

Then a few weeks ago D'Andrea started following me on Twitter, so I followed her back. And then this...

I tweeted a link about a Cornell email scandal, giving RT credit to @coco_cure (Coco actually should have given RT credit to the original source who I discovered later, @guestofaguest). A few minutes later, D'Andrea tweeted the same link, with the same exact headline, and gave no RT credit at all. Why do I think she got the link from me? Because the story is three days old and a Twitter search on the subject showed that very few other people had been talking about it at all today, and not with that particular shortened URL.

By the way, it's not like D'Andrea just doesn't understand the concept of RT because her timeline shows she has RT'd plenty of other people. And there was plenty of room to give RT credit.

It could be she was just embarrassed to give hat tip credit to me in particular. But more likely she was just hoping I'd write up another one of my blog posts to add to her robust Google search results. I'm always happy to take a few minutes out of my day for that!


Niki D'Andrea said...

This is why you are one of my favorite haters, Alana G. :) You have a talent for both pissing me off and cracking me up, so I gotta respect that. I am laughing along with your "running joke," although this particular blog wasn't as witty as your previous efforts. I know you will keep trying, though.

Brian said...

That's my girlfriend you're all up on, ND'A.

LaTowna said...

lol I love how ND'A took the time to read your blog and leave a comment... but didn't acknowledge the clear case of Twitterjacking. Or, wait, is her laughing along with you acknowledging that she did, indeed, Twitterjack but is just *that* gangster that it's funny to her?

David Elijah Nahmod said...
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Niki D'Andrea said...

David Nahmod has his own smear agenda against me, and is far less justified in his rants against me than Alana G. At least Alana G has the integrity to not put words in my mouth and say I've gone "on record" saying things I didn't say (show me that "record" you keep saying I've gone on so many times, Nahmod, please).

Alana G initially called me out for a monumental factual blunder about a false tattoo cap for which I deserved an amount of derision. And she has every right to call me for "Twitterjacking" her (great word, by the way). Nahmod has no real grievances against me beyond his own personal neuroses. Too bad he uses every possible forum he can to try and shift the focus to him.

David Elijah Nahmod said...
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David Elijah Nahmod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Elijah Nahmod said...
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Anonymous said...

David Nahmod has been harassing this poor woman for over a year, for daring to write a FACTUAL article about Beecher's housemates getting a restraining order against him for HARASSMENT. Harassment, not a big surprise there, that's David's big thing, and Niki was just the reporter who reported it, and now she has her own harassment campaign to deal with.

David is very disturbed. Please check out my new article about David Nahmod's argument that looking at child pornography is acceptable (based on his own blogs posts at his web site).

David Elijah Nahmod said...
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Unknown said...

It should be noted that David Nahmod has reportedly been blacklisted as a contributor to Truth Wins Out, the one semi-valid publication that ran the one slanderous story he keeps quoting.

fuck you said...

Really, Sam? I didn't see anything about David being banned from that site. But it's certainly possible. In perusing various gay blogs for this story, I came across many examples of various gay activists fighting with each other & banning each other from their respective websites. I also came across an article, written by David, that addresses this behavior. I was impressed with how many gay people gave David supportive kudos in the comments section of that article.
I also found the following: signed letters written by people other than David who say his ex's housemates subjected them to threats when they tried to contact
David's ex just to say hi & see how he was. Then I listened to the recordings of the court hearings, which David posted on You Tube. I was frankly more than a little disturbed to hear how confused David's ex sounded when the judge asked him why he signed the restraining order. No ethical reporter would ignore this kind of documentation, and it's all readily available. Of all the people claiming to have "inside info" on this story, David alone provided credible documentation. It seems that a lot of people with questionable motives are trying to cover that documentation up.

fuck you said...

After checking out David Nahmod's blog this moring, I saw that he posted additional documentation of his claims. These documents are indisputable and verify what he says beyond any doubt. Mail fraud and other types of fraud are clearly beeing perpetrated by his ex's housemates. I then called the Hassayampa Justice Court in Surprise AZ, who verified that the restraining order that David's ex signed against him was dismissed after the judge found it to have been falsified. This happened over two years ago, yet Niki did not see fit to report it. Her story now stands as one of the worst pieces of dishonest yellow journalism I've ever seen. I hope someone has the decency to tell David's ex the truth. If I knew how to reach him, I'd do that myself.

NG said...

David was banned from Truth Wins Out as a contributor.

Anonymous said...

Nahmod was apparently discontinued as a writer for Truth Wins Out due to his inabiity to abide by a reasonable code of conduct.


jt said...

My name is Joe. I live in Los Angeles. I know David and his ex Beecher personally. I consider both of them to be friends.
Truth Wins Out knows goddam well that David's story is true because they interviewed me over the phone about it. When Beecher's mother passed away, Beecher's anti-gay housemates stopped me from contacting him to express my condolences. Truth Wins Out interviewed me by phone about this and posted a signed letter from me at their site.
That letter was also sent to Niki D'Andrea, who ignored it when she wrote her filthy lies.
You pieces of shit are enabling an act of anti-gay hate and should be ashamed of yourselves.
I am so disgusted by Truth Wins Out's behavior that I, and not David, am filing a fraud complaint against them.
If you think I'm a troll, then call Beecher. He knows who I am.

Wayne Besen said...


We support you at Truth Wins Out. We no longer believe Mr. Nahmod's tale and we wish he would not use our name to back his false claims.

Thank you for your reporting on Mr. Nahmod's obsessive and unhealthy behavior.


Wayne Besen
Executive Director
Truth Wins Out

fuck you said...

I don't think that Wayne Besen or Niki D'Andrea is in any position to talk about unhealthy behavior. I've found more than 200 troll posts about David at a combo of various venues. These posts are all related to the stories D'andrea wrote about David at the New Times. It's oobvious that one or two people posted these under multiple names and that Besen & D'Andrea played a major role in instigating this. That's right, more than 200 troll posts, all coming from people who claim that David's the unhealthy one. Pot calling the kettle black, Mr. Besen?

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fuck you said...

I thought someone should point out that Truth Wins Out has deleted it's post about David from their site. Congratulations and kudos for them to show a little decency and delete statements that aren't true. Niki D'Andrea ain't so lucky. In 2011 alone, dozens of complaints about D'Andrea's lousy reporting were posted at New Times.
Niki's own employers are making a fool of her, lol.

Buy Generic Viagra said...

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Satan said...

This thread really should get back on topic. It's not about this David guy, who, like many others, has a legit complaint about Niki D'Andrea-D'Andrea's behavior is the true issue here. This past week, Niki D'Andrea was fired from Phoenix New Times. It's about time too, as D'Andrea has done nothing but cause trouble for the New Times. Check out a New Times story by D'Andrea titled Five Reasons There Shouldn't Be A Men's Roller Derby, posted at New Times on March 10, 2011. This one story has 132 posted complaints about Niki D'Andrea's unethical conduct. Niki, you're a lousy writer, you suck as a human being, and everyone is sick of your shit.

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