Friday, March 13, 2009

New NBA Ad Campaign: Where LeBron Dunking on KG Happens

The NBA will be debuting a new ad campaign this weekend to promote the playoffs. Apparently there will be 20 to 30 new spots in the "Where Amazing Happens" theme featuring OMG moments from the ghost of playoffs past. Here's one of the spots:

That's LeBron dunking on Kevin Garnett's azz in Game 4 of last year's Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. I think the grainy black and white look is on purpose.

The other spots will feature all sorts of playoff moments, both recent and old school. I can only hope they have at least one from that magical Warriors-Mavs series in 2007. Perhaps Baron's offensive foul, er, dunk on Andrei Kirilenko?

Thanks much to the folks at the NBA for sharing this sneak peek. And kudos to Goodby Silverstein for the ads. You can catch them on TNT, ESPN, and ABC starting this weekend!


Anonymous said...

if you're gonna bash the celtics it might be more credible if you actually had your facts straight.

the cavs played the celts in the semi finals last year, not the eastern conference finals.

Kim Plaintive said...

Just updated the post. Thank you for the correction, anonymous hater commenter!!

Anonymous said...

I hate this. Lebron lost KG is a champion. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Celtics aints sh*t made up of castaways n 3 so called superstars who cant carry there own team. call me when paul pierce or KG can carry there team to East Conf best record on there own. Im out like KG in clutch time.

Anonymous said...


too bad people win championships based on a team effort, not the individual.

i predict the celtics will still go all the way cause all of them have more heart in their pinky toes than the whole cavs organization has.

Anonymous said...

Timely post! Did you catch the Suns vs Mavs game on Thursday night? LeBron got "all ball" (as he said in the post game interview) on J-Rich's 360 dunk attempt. Clearly, he got all wrist. In fact, I don't think he touch the ball at all. Unbelievable LeBron!