Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alana G Introduces the Word 'DOMINOTE'

I would like to go on record as the creator of the word "DOMINOTE." If anyone knows of its use prior to mine please let me know.

To "DOMINOTE" means to dominate with a slightly ironic connotation: "Jeah!! Did the Thunder just DOMINOTE the Kings??" or "My chihuahua will DOMINOTE this dog show, son!!" A second, less common meaning is a non-ironic domination in the game of dominoes: "I will DOMINOTE David tomorrow."

Contrary to what Standard-English snobs will say, "DOMINOTE" is not merely a bastardization of the word "dominate." It has its own subtly different meaning separate from "dominate," much like the word "conversate" is an evolved version of "converse."

I expect "DOMINOTE" to be especially well-received among users of the interwebs who will appreciate the allusion to "pwned."

"DOMINOTE" must always be written (and spoken) in all caps. Conjugation follows the regular pattern of "dominate": DOMINOTE, DOMINOTES, DOMINOTING, DOMINOTED.


Anonymous said...


Where you at? Get up on it!

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LaTowna said...

Um, I definitely thought it meant to dominate at dominoes. Dang.