Monday, September 22, 2008

Fotofun: Jaguars on Beast Mode

Spot as many differences as you can between the two photos. There are at least 10 -- some are more subtle than others. (Hint: click on the photo for a higher-res version of the picture... I'm still figuring out how to upload these jaunes properly.)

I chose a pictures from the Jaguars' win over the Colts yesterday in honor of my Mom, who knows nothing about football but is a big Jaguars fan. Also because whenever I see Maurice Jones-Drew I imagine that's what MJD the blogger looks like.


Dewey said...

Beast Mode. Yesssir.

Adam J said...

This is easy.

1. One image is about 415 pixels higher than the other.

2. Fred Taylor's other groin is in flames.

3. The PA system is playing Puddle of Mudd instead of Default.

4. The fan in section 244, Row I, seat 11 has a smaller soul patch.

5. It's raining.

6. Marshawn Lynch's Invisibility Cloak fell off at the 30.

7. Jaguars #89 has a cold.

8. The photographer's fanny pack is halfway unzipped.

9. Jaguars #79 made Thriller, man.

10. The image is upside-down.

wv: henwa-- when the chickens start putting eggs back in.

Adam J said...

Or, if you want to be "truthful" about it...

1. The best helmet ever on #68.
2. #68 = #69
3. Beast Mode!
4. Detachable dreadlocks on #55
5. Detachable NFL logo on #55's jersey
6. Black socks on #55, which is so. so. gross.
7. Four Fingers Maurice, stage right hand
8. No ball in MJD's right hand, probably because he now lacks opposable thumbs
9. Marshawn Lynch, in a predictable bout of confusion, has rushed onto the field and stolen the ball from MJD and is running... somewhere with it
10. Uh... Lynch should be wearing his away whites?

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