Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elie Seckbach's Latest Video of Superstars

Yardbarker hosted the sports track of Blog World, a convention in Vegas this past weekend. I got a bunch of my peeps to make the trip, including Will Brinson, Steve Nash, Enrico Campitelli, Keith, Brooks, and Ryan Corazza... and then I had to cancel myself because I was illin' (*shakes fist at tonsils*). But luckily Elie Seckbach was there to capture the action:

Take-aways from this video: 1) Don't be a dick. 2) Ben Koo (the World's Greatest Chinese Jew) is a videoblog star in the making.


Dewey Hammond said...

Ben Koo is my personal hero. I can't stress this enough.

Ryan C. said...

I'm just glad someone was there to capture my mumbling and nervous twitches.

Also: Ben Koo 4 life.

Enrico said...

Two words from Ben Koo: Lotion. Party.

ben koo said...

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