Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MTV Jams is actually running my Tiger Woods playlist idea!

Putting aside the fact that I'm totally in the bag for all things MTV Jams related, this is legitimately very cool of them. I can only hope that the blog posts and tweets about this are compiled into some kind of report of anecdotal evidence that Tuma Basa aka @MTVJams is doing the good work with fan outreach.

A few days ago I blogged the idea of having a Tiger Woods-themed set of videos, the centerpiece, of course, being Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows."

I got my Twitter peoples on the case brainstorming video ideas, and fellow sports blogger Mike from Steady Burn blogged about it, declaring: "It is a 100% true statement to say that MTV considering a video playlist inspired by Tiger’s crash is the biggest media development in the Tiger Woods crash investigation at this time."

Then today, part 1 actually aired!

Today's set was about Elin Nordegren's scorned lover perspective:
Kelis: "Caught out there" (I hate you so much right now)
Jazmine Sullivan: "Bust your windows"
Blu Cantrell: "Hit 'em up style"

Sunshine Anderson "Heard it all before"

This is quite possibly the second greatest accomplishment of my career (the greatest being when I got Diddy to declare his candidacy for President, of course). And it was well worth the effort of the folks at MTV Jams (really, we're helping them do their work, right?). Sorry MusicChoice, I'm now a lifelong fan of MTVJams, Proactiv commercials and all.

UPDATE: Here's Part 2 that aired Thursday, all from the original list of suggestions!
Kanye West: "Flashing Lights"
Pac Div: "Whiplash"
Snoop Dogg: "Murder was the case"
Public Enemy "911 is a joke"
Wyclef: "Someone please call 911"

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