Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jerry Rice blasts Peter King for his comments about Michael Jackson

I ran into Jerry Rice at Marshawn Lynch's youth football camp over the weekend, and he had MJ on his mind. He wanted to talk about Congressman Peter King's comments that Michael Jackson is a "low-life" (among other things).

I'm with Jerry on this one -- Michael Jackson is a legend (though not quite a "living legend" anymore... sorry, Jerry). Let's celebrate the great things he did in life.

By the way, this segment was shot for FANARCHY, the television show on VERSUS that Yardbarker is involved with (check out the Fanarchy Doghouse blog for more). The clip didn't make the show, so make sure you tune in tonight at 10:30pm to find out which athlete did make the cut.

It's somewhat blasphemous to leave Jerry Rice on any kind of cutting room floor, so big thank you to him for shooting with us. As with any TV segment, I had to ask him to film an intro -- he broke up laughing before delivering "This is JERRY RICE." I know, I know, you need no introduction!

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