Friday, May 22, 2009

Yardbarker goes Hollywood, partners with TV network VERSUS

Yardbarker and VERSUS have just announced a new bromance, aka strategic partnership. As one part of the relationship, Yardbarker will have a special involvement with the new VERSUS television show Fanarchy, which will feature regular sports fans arguing with each other via webcam.

Fanarchy got a few early bad reviews based on its press release a few weeks back, and I can't blame the doubters. The concept of the show could sound like a "trainwreck" if produced poorly. But I've worked with the producers the last couple of months and I've seen early versions of the show -- it will actually be really good. The sports fans will be entertaining personalities and the TV producers know how to edit the whole thing together to look slick. And we've got some tricks up our sleeves for a special Yardbarker segment that will be part of each show as well.

I've been watching VERSUS's original show Sports Soup for the last few weeks and I really like it (though I might be biased because I totally have a crush on the host Matt Iseman). I'm looking forward to adding Fanarchy to the TV viewing rotation as well. The first show will air Sunday June 7th at 11pm Eastern (and then the regular time slot will be Tuesdays at 10:30pm).

Oh, and if YOU want to be on the show? Stay tuned, I'ma hook you up with info on how to audition...

UPDATE: Ben Koo has some great thoughts on the deal.

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