Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New NBA Playoff Spot Featuring Kanye West

Just got word from the good folks at the NBA about a new spot featuring Kanye West's song "Amazing" off his "808 and Heartbreak" album. The spot features highlights from past playoff games that are... wait for it... AMAZING.

I think the spot is pretty hot -- if you're an NBA fan you're always going to get hyped when you see these playoff montages, and Kanye's song fits perfectly. In fact, apparently Kanye's label actually reached out to the league with the song, which is how the whole thing started. According to the NBA's SVP of Entertainment and Player Marketing Charles Rosenzweig, "All music stars want to be NBA stars and all NBA players want to be music stars." Not sure about all that, but I do like the spot. Nice job again, NBA.

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