Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ESPN issues correction about Yardbarker credit for Donovan McNabb's blog

Thank you ESPN for hearing me out and adding a correction to your Donovan McNabb article! Yesterday published an article quoting at length from McNabb's Yardbarker blog but failing to link to his blog or mention that it was on Yardbarker. I sent a couple of messages through ESPN's feedback form and ombudsman page, but did not receive responses to those. However, Yardbarker just got an email in our general mailbox from an ESPN communications rep who saw my blog post about the issue (which was featured on Yardbarker's homepage). The rep admitted the mistake and pointed to a correction made on the article.
As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Yardbarker was properly credited in ESPN's TV broadcast, which was great. I have also seen Yardbarker credited in various online news outlets, and have heard from some Barkers that Yardbarker was credited in some local TV broadcasts -- lots of media folks are crediting the source of McNabb's quotes properly. It's good to see admit their mistake and follow suit. I hope they continue to properly credit Yardbarker and other sources in their articles.

Lesson learned from this: if you want to get ESPN's attention, don't bother emailing them, just outline your complaints in a blog post and get it featured on -- we know they're reading our site!

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Unknown said...

Good job Alana G. You know The World's Greatest Chinese Jew has fought the good fight on this front with you many times before.

Nice to "win" one this time. Next time you should only settle for kicking Stuart Scott in the balls.