Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sexy New AVP Ad Campaign Led by Ex-Playboy Model

The AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals, not Aliens Versus Predator) just launched a new ad campaign that's turning a few heads. The ads feature close-ups of butts (and other body parts), playing up the sex appeal of beach volleyball. The campaign has been written up by Darren Rovell and mentioned on Deadspin. But everyone has overlooked the titillating part of this story, which the NY Times buried in the very last paragraph of its write up -- the woman pushing the AVP campaign is vice president for business development and legal affairs, Kristine Lefebvre:
After being noticed as a contestant on season six of “The Apprentice,” [Lefebvre] posed for the June 2007 Playboy magazine.
I will leave it to your Google searches to dig up pictures of Ms. Lefebvre...

With sexy athletes on the sand and sexy brains working behind the scenes, the AVP just might be going somewhere. Now if only we can get some beefier butts playing beach volleyball... paging Venus and Serena!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I came to this link as i actually thought it was something relating to Aliens v Predator.