Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yeah, so about that Shane Battier Moneyball thing...

I'll be honest, I never did read the New York Times piece by Michael Lewis about how Shane Battier is the greatest basketball player ever despite his mediocre stats or whatever it was about. I saw everyone talking about it, but it looked kind of long. And frankly I just didn't care.

But I did read this article from Talking Point Free Sports that absolutely DESTROYS the Battier piece. I read every word, start to finish, while I ate my lunch just now. I really can't speak on the validity of the author's points since I never read the original article. But it was pretty deliciously written. Hate hate hate!!

Someone who has read both articles please tell me which one wins. I'll call the hot NBA tip into the Phoenix New Times.


Anonymous said...

and we all know how hard it is for you to read past 800 words.

Kim Plaintive said...

yeah man! unless it's haterific of course.... that Talking Point Free Sports article was pretty entertaining!