Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joe Paterno's Virtual Birthday Party

From the good folks who tipped me off to Shaq's Twitter feed comes the latest in sports-new-media-madness: a virtual 82nd birthday party for JoePa!

I'm not sure exactly how it's going to work... (virtual cake?)... and the blog mentions that the party is a surprise (no such thing on the internet!). But there is a cool post called Top 82 Reasons We Love JoePa which is continuously being updated with new submissions from fans. Right now it's filled with sincere messages. But I know the blogosphere has its own reasons for loving JoePa!

Somebody please submit something and see if they'll have a sense of humor about it -- if they're letting Shaq loose on Twitter, you have to think they will.

Well, with the level of JoePa's internetfamy* this thing might just catch on. See, even Black Heart Gold Pants added the JoePa Birthday badge to their sidebar. It's right across from where they're selling their Paterno Chronicles T-shirts...

*Yes, I just coined that word.

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