Monday, December 15, 2008

The Basketball Jones Explains the Proper Pronunciation of 'Alana G'

Thanks for the shout out guys!! (See 15:30 of the video ... but you probably already saw that because you watch every day...)

Ep. 359: Hello And Goodbye from The Basketball Jones brought to you by the number 76.

Tas was lamenting that his nickname for Greg Oden, G-OD, had never caught on. Skeets rightfully pointed out that when I had asked Greg about it in my old Greg Oden / Miss Gossip interview, Greg had HATED it. Tas then rightfully pointed out that the proper pronunciation of my name is not 'Alannah G,' but 'Alana G.' Touché.

By the way, the video of that Oden interview, along with several dozen of my other original videos, will cease to exist on December 18th. Thanks, AOL!


Anonymous said...

Oh so its not Alana, its Alana. I got ya now :-)

I have got the G part down. You can't fool me there.

Have a goodun Alana, I mean Alana.

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