Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alana G's First Hater: A Pro-McCain Wife-Mom-Blogger

Since she screenshot my blog, I'm going to screenshot her blog screenshotting my blog. META COOL!

"People like this" need to catch a sense of humor (voting fraud is funny!!) and jump on the Obama Express. I'm not mad at you though -- hey, we had common ground in our opposition of Califorina's Proposition 8, which is going to ban gay marriage. And I like your well designed header. See, can't we just get along, WifeMomBlogger?


Anonymous said...

voting fraud isn't funny. it's illegal.

Dewey said...

I cheated on my English and Composition exam in sixth grade. True story. I failed. 69/100.

Anonymous said...

I knew the crazy woman from the McCain rally was going to resurface with a blog sooner or later.


Unknown said...

Is it weird that I am jealous you have a hater? Seems more like a right of passage.

If she only knew about how I switched out a 3 ballot boxes with all Obama votes.