Friday, October 3, 2008

Alana G Goes Meta, Stars in Elie Seckbach Video

Big up to Elie Seckbach for the shout out in his latest video:

YouTube hugesizer brought to you by Harvey Bars.

If you don't know Elie's YouTube magic by now, you better get wit it. Here's one of my favorites: him competing with Shaq in a Yo Mama contest.

Since Elie excerpted part of my demo reel video in which I had excerpted part of my Baron Davis video, in which I had asked Baron about Yo Mama competitions on and excerpted part of Elie's Shaq Yo Mama video, I feel I should now make some sort of video where I excerpt Elie's excerpt-excerpt video......


Anonymous said...

I just know there's others out there who, like myself, prefer their internet videos shot in IMAX.

Unknown said...

Elie, a fellow Jew, is amazing at what he does. Great to see Alana G getting the love it deserves.