Friday, September 26, 2008

What Sports Decorations Should I Buy for the Office?

I just started working at Yardbarker, and we are moving to a new office next week. In order to decorate the place, we are all going to contribute an item of sports paraphernalia. Keeping my budget to around $40, I've identified a few options. Thoughts?

Stephon Marbury Fatheads: At the low, low clearance price of $9.95 each, I could get FOUR of these bad boys! I have to say, this idea is the front runner right now.

Marshawn Lynch Coffee Mugs: These would add some nice flare to our kitchenette.

1992 Dream Team Raft:
I jokingly bid on this from ebay after I saw a blog post about it on Fourth Place Medal and now I own it. As advertised, it has a slow leak, so is not usable as float. But slap it in a $40 frame and hang it on the wall and all of a sudden the office is a little nacho cheesier, NAHMEAN!

Jets Mailbox: I think the mailman needs to know whassup in the Yard. Current ebay bidding price is $26.99, which is within budget. Bonus, the seller promises to clean it before sending.

Wheaties: as long as we're shopping on ebay, might as well pick up some snacks for the office. This lot of three "never-opened" Wheaties boxes from the mid-1990s ought to cover our munchies for the next 15 years or so.

I am getting burnt out surfing ebay so I'm opening it up to suggestions. My partner in rhyme Adam Jacobi suggested some kind of sports poster from the '80s, but I'm having trouble finding one of the appropriate level of irony. He also suggested mini-helmets... I may just take the lazy route and buy Dewey $40 worth of beer in exchange for this.


Trey said...

PLEASE get the Marbury FatHeads. And PLEASE put one in the women's restroom.

Dewey said...

I vote for you buying me beer and/or you getting the Beast Mode mugs, which we can use for Irish coffee.

Jon Bois said...


please make 950 photocopies and affix them onto walls, ceilings, ceiling fans, and coffee pot

lean dream team raft wherever appropriate

JCN said...

What Bois said, but tile them across a wall like Warhol.

Or if you want to go with the "Empowered Chickfan" angle, this is easy money:

Stumpleton Wang said...

Forget buying, you should just follow OJ around when he tries to recover "his stuff".

When I have a dead weekend, I'm going to go to some yard sales and you're getting a sweet care package. I would have some Febreeze handy if I were you.